About us

Pettah Essence Suppliers has been the carefully guarded secret ‘ingredient’ behind some of the most distinctive flavours and successful food products of the last three and half decades. Since 1978, we have been the trusted providers of premium quality food additives such as sweeteners, preservatives, emulsifiers, seasoning powders, food colouring, cocoa powder, egg products and milk products for our customers in the food industry. Today we are honoured to count among our diverse array of clients market-leading brands of dairy & ice-cream, beverages, bakery products and confectionaries.


We believe that the ultimate success of a food product in the hyper-competitive modern market place lies in understanding and catering to the discerning taste buds and exacting demands of the modern consumer. This is whywe spare no effort in continuously working behind the scenes to perfect the quality, longevity and flavour of your food products. Moreover, we strive not only to provide products of uncompromising quality at the most competitive prices, but also to ensure the utmost confidentiality of the product formulas entrusted to us by you - our valued clients.


Pettah Essence Suppliers – ‘The Ingredients for Your Success’